New Hope Fellowship
Guidelines for COVID-19
For the safety of our community, we operate in compliance with the guidelines given by the CDC, the State of California, and El Dorado County. We appreciate your cooperation in observing these standards
Please respectfully maintain social distancing (6+ feet) (Minimum of 3 empty chairs between parties)

We sanitize and clean before every service

Offerings are encouraged to do online. Physical offerings will be given at the end of service on the way out

Masks are recommended while in the building. Our worship team and speakers will not be wearing a mask while leading, but they will be socially distanced by 15+ feet from the audience

Children need to remain with their household unit and not interact with other children

At-risk individuals are encouraged to continue to worship at home

Services are one hour long

We encourage self-health screening at home and/or onsite, following CDC guidelines (required for staff and volunteers)

Our maximum capacity in the sanctuary is 100 people. Once we hit that limit, we will not be able to allow the entrance of more people
These guidelines may be changed at any time. Thank you for understanding.

As we gather together in person and online, let us be thankful, worshipful, joyful, flexible and loving. God is walking with us through this unique and challenging season. He is available to each one of us as we reach out to Him.
Pastors Jim and Allison Wells
New Hope Fellowship Staff